Isoclad are pleased to have worked with Nicholls Industrial Buildings in the supply of ceilings panels to enable them to develop their ceiling protection walkways.....
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Maxmade are pleased to have worked with Nicholls Industrial Buildings in the supply of ancillary products to enable them to develop their ceiling protection walkways......
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For and behalf of Maxmade Limited
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Kernow Fixings are delighted to have partnered with Nicholls Industrial Buildings with support solutions and fixings for their leading edge ceiling protection walkways.......
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"TECNI were contacted by Nicholls Industrial Building Services to provide a safety cable infill for their innovative Fragile Surface Walkway System.......
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Welcome to Nicholls Industrial, Commercial Building Services Ltd

About Our Fragile Surface Walkway System

Our Walkway/Crawling board is ideal for establishing clear, safe demarcation around/over a supported panel ceiling systems. It offers a secure demarcated route for service engineers to gain access to plant and controls. Once on-site, the Walkway is very simple and quick to assemble. The metalwork is galvanised to withstand the year-round elements within a roof void, the gritted surface of the Walkway grating provides a permanent non-slip surface. We are Nationwide supplier and installer.

  • Modular light weight system available in x4 modules
  • Quick and simple to assemble.
  • Easy to remove a section for access or replacement.
  • Designed to spread weight loads over delicate fragile roof surfaces
  • Flat packed for easy transport.
  • Non-slip fibreglass grating available in yellow or grey.
  • Galvanised metalwork to prolong life span
  • The system offers continual protection to the panel’s surface and core from pedestrian under foot traffic.

Cost effective roof void walkway system 

Easy to install “fixing down and maintenance free”, NIBS walkway will equal the life of most modern supported roofing materials and is a cost effective roof void system for a wide range of high-level applications. 

A growing number of large commercial buildings are being constructed without having a thought for safe access and egress, As a result, there is an increasing need to provide regular, safer access for the installation and essential maintenance of machinery and equipment - for example M & E, lifts, heating, ventilation, refrigeration, air-conditioning, fire detectors, telecommunications and other service equipment.

The provision of continuous safe access and egress in and out of roof voids (Insulated envelopes) remains to be an issue, all such buildings should or have a preventive maintenance plan especially for housekeeping and surveillance purposes.

Modular light weight walkway/crawling system that provides a spread of load over the Composite panel surfaces within roof voids (Insulated supported ceiling construction).

A site survey and a roof plan will be required in the first instance.

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